610, chemin du Hibou
Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury G3C 1T4

To eat or to have a drink, go to Quatre-Foyers and enjoy the exceptional view of the mountain. You will find a varied menu ranging from Stoneham-style bistro dishes to a delicious gourmet evening menu.

Delicious confort

The Quatre-Foyers bar offers a lively pub menu; its Stoneham burger or its pulled pork Mac 'N Cheese are more than popular, not to mention the traditional extra-large nachos. During the winter season, when artists perform here every weekend, the dance floor is packed and ski-shots abound!

In Proximity

La Souche Stoneham

At La Souche Stoneham, we offer you a tasting space in the middle of nature that highlights the local agri-food industry: from our garden to your plate, our products are grown without pesticides, in respect of the ecosystems and are prepared in a creative and remarkable way.

Pascal le boulanger

The neighborhood bakery culture is still present in France and we aim to deliver these same nutritious products every day. Our inspiration comes from the recipes and techniques of old-time artisans and we want you to discover our know-how and quality products that are healthy and affordable.

Pizzéria Stoneham

Sushi Taxi